Thursday, 6 August 2015

Robocop Comparison - Easy and Hard mode.

Ok so for this week I thought I’d upload a video based upon comments I got from the Robocop Arcade review. Mainly to see and compared in arcades how the difficulty can affect the gameplay and the significant modifications it can bring about to the point that the game can be enjoyable, challenging or downright just sucking your cash straight out of your pocket. 

So this was the first level of Robocop Arcade, played through as both Easiest and Hardest. Just to emphasise the point, I put the health choices up and down for the respective difficulties.
From the start we can see there’s no significant difference in gameplay. Enemies are killed by punches just as readily as in Easy as they are in Hard. It’s not until we get to the motorbike that we see a significant difference in that Easy can kill the bike in two hits, while Hard can’t kill the bike and takes a hit. From here on, it gets awkward. 

Once we’ve drawn a pistol, we start to see that the enemies take double the hits to kill them and we may also notice that in Hard mode, the enemy’s shots are faster. Punching seems to be the preferred method of killing the enemies in Hard mode except where they’re out of reach and need to gunned down. Resulting in a lot more shots being needed.
The power up has a huge impact on Easy mode with it becoming a wave of death while in Hard mode it has to be used up close to be effective and even then, makes it about as powerful as the standard single shot in Easy mode. 

I recorded the game twice, and put the video side by side to show a comparison, it’s almost in sync up until the shooting starts, then you can see the huge differences between what is the Easiest setting and the Hardest setting. Now imagine you’re going from Arcade to Arcade and find Robocop in both, then to see on one you can progress fairly well and the other leaves a bitter taste in your mouth when you’re annihilated on the first level.